just got back from a 2 hour car ride with a driver who only slept 20 minutes last night. i am alive.

emotionally exhausted.

thought i might post this to get some peace of mind.

kevin was one of my first friends when i came to Cal. we first met at one of the stern serenades. we all got busy that fall semester, but i remember he always came to see us after church at the stern socials dressed in a spiffy collared shirt and tie. we used to tease him and say that we would never see him wearing anything sloppy which remained true regardless of midterms and sleepless weeks.

we would set up movie nights; it became a sort of fun weekend activity for all of us. whether it was a psychological thriller that incited deep intellectual discussion or a light-hearted comedy that had everyone joking afterwards, it was something i always looked forward to. he even “borrowed” his roommate’s speakers so we could get better quality sound. when parties got boring for any of us, he would break out a move and get us back in a good mood. and on Halloween, we didn’t just go to one but two haunted houses together. it was so fun being scared with a group of friends and laughing nervously at every twist. i’ll never forget how we would run into each other at brunch and spontaneously decide to eat together. whenever i pass by the study room, i remember how we first exchanged numbers and he just texted me asking me for my last name instead of just asking me in person! i’ll miss hearing his voice on the phone and his unique endearing laughter. i still remember on his birthday this year when we had dinner with a group of friends and he brought over a huge box of cupcakes to share after I had missed him the first time around. he kept insisting that the cupcake frosting was unlike the cheap grocery store type; and he was right – it was absolutely delicious.

it is devastating that we had to lose him at such a young age, but i learned to appreciate and truly understand that every moment in life is fleeting and we have to get out and grab a hold of it. it’s undeniable that kevin was a thoughtful, patient, and generous young man and I am eternally grateful that i was able to meet such a great friend and thankful for the time we had together.

much love,




Manchickduck (a.k.a. Mansie) were reminiscing about our deceased friend Kevin. Once, during brunch, he told us that his roommate went partying and came back drunk in the a.m. Despite his roommate’s incessant knocking, Kevin pretended not to hear him and went back to sleep. We thought it was mean…


especially chocolate fountains. :)

it’s like we never knew each other.

uncomfortable glances and awkward moments.


walking up 6 floors in evans just won’t cut it.