it’s pretty silly what you miss once you lose it

even when it’s only for a while. like knees that don’t hurt when you bend. DX must not must not ever look at phone while running again and trip like an idiot.

why is this happening!? there are too many classes i want to take.

so proud of myself. :D

i’ve actually sent in quite a few resumes/cover letters ALONG WITH responding to emails within 24 hours. hoooray. let’s keep this up all year. and looking forward to the contact lenses study for some more money!

i think i’ve been running too much.

my hips hurt and i feel like an old man when i walk. ):

just checking in to church at 1 am. no big deal.

four weeks of break is a bit too much. what to do…


i never really think about new years resolutions but a few have come to mind in the past few days:

eat less pizza. like none.
stop drinking soda. it doesn’t even taste that good unless with pizza.. (see above :P)
respond to emails within 24 hours!!

shameless promotion.

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